How to remove “local autodiscover” or SCP when migrating to O365

I work in the SMB, and we migrate most of our clients to Office 365 from local exchange servers. Often we still use a local server for user and computer management and move the users from Small Business Server 2008/2011 to Server 2012R2. The caveat of this is that you often also bring along Exchange […]

Managing Office 365/Azure tenants using powershell

One of the fantastic benefits of having Microsoft partner portal access is the ability to remote manage your clients/tenants. One of the downsides of this is that the partner portal is sometimes somewhat slow, or has a convoluted approach for remote management. A great way to resolve this is by using PowerShell to manage the […]

Using Azure MFA on an onsite RDS 2012R2

Azure MFA is a fantastic product – Its easy to setup and maintain, and not very costly to purchase (for pricing, click here). The great thing about Azure MFA is that it becomes very easy to secure your local directory, but also your remote desktop connections or RDS your 2008/2012 farms. There is just one […]

Forcing DFS to prefer the local DC, Without creating subnets and sites

I’ve recently did some temporary work on a legacy-environment for a client. This client recently added some 2012 servers as domain controllers and file servers, The only issue was that there was no way that the client could edit Sites and Services to create correct sites and associated subnets,  due to a legacy in-house application […]

Using powershell to backup SSH devices (And more!)

I’ve recently been moving to a new RMM product that offers better automation policies than the one I’ve used before. The new RMM product also has the ability to run scripts with in and output from the RMM product itself – e.g. if a network contains a Juniper router, You can run automation policies based […]

Search Service crashing on RDS / Server 2012R2

I’ve recently been experiencing many issues with the Windows Search service on Server 2012R2 – The search index service would crash and cause entire RDP sessions to hang whenever typing something in the start menu. Of course on RDS servers this was a major issue and my clients got very upset due to not being […]

Stop AADSync logs from clogging up your servers disk space

I’ve been rolling out a lot of large AADSync deployments recently – I love how AADSync gives a SSO experience to the SMB markets without having to deploy ADFS. But as always these deployments in SMB markets have some downsides; The default configuration for AADSync/Dirsync is that it logs everything using tracing and ForeFront MSSQL Logs.