Tech in 5 minutes: Azure AD Application Proxy

This is a new video series I’m starting to help managed services providers, or technology specialists get small digestible bites about new technologies, complex scripts, and solutions you could be implementing in your MSP today. I’m fairly anti-tool culture where MSPs get a different tool for each minor inconvenience and focus just on that tool,…

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Automating with PowerShell: Warranty lookups

A while back I’ve made a PowerShell module called PsWarranty that allows you to look up the warranty for all major vendors. I’ve integrated this module with many different RMM systems, documentation platforms, and PSAs. Lately, I’ve been getting some more questions about this module in regards to automatically updating the warranty information. Most people…

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The start of CyberDrain CTF is today!

Today is the start of the CyberDrain CTF! At 13:00 CET I’ll be launching the capture the flag challenges. Most of you have messaged me wondering what to expect and had several questions about how I’m going to be judging and assisting everyone, today I’ll be able to clear some of this stuff up; The…

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