Hi all, I’ll be presenting at Dattocon next week, so I will not be able to release the new blogs about monitoring with PowerShell. If you’re coming to Dattocon feel free to join my session. you can find information about the session here. The description is a little bit off as I will be talking…

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Documenting with PowerShell Chapter 4: Network documentation for IT-Glue.

In the last couple of blogs we spoke about how to handle passwords, passwords objects and tagging, and how to start documenting your servers. Today, We’re starting on the network side of documentation. Within IT-Glue it’s important to follow the IT-Glue standards so your documentation works with the relational database it was designed on. There…

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Documenting with PowerShell Chapter 3: Local Administrator Passwords solution

As a good administrator does we always try to change the local administrator password on computers that we hand-out to clients, and disable it, so we only have to enable it when it’s required. Unfortunately changing it is sometimes forgotten during any process. Microsoft makes this easy when implementing LAPS. LAPS is a solution by…

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Documenting with PowerShell: Chapter 2 – Documenting Bitlocker keys

Our RMM system currently does not have support to securely store the bitlocker key inside of the RMM system itself. I’ve subscribed to the school of bitlocking everything that passes through my company, So also computers that sometimes never get connected to Azure AD, Active Directory to store the key in. We also get users…

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