Documenting with PowerShell: Syncing Unifi devices to IT-Glue

This blog should be used in together with my previous blog about Unifi documentation. This script syncs all devices to IT-Glue and makes sure the configurations are in sync with eachother.

It will overwrite any changes you’ve made to the configurations, so treat with care.

$ITGkey = "ITGlueKey"
$ITGbaseURI = ""
$UnifiBaseUri = ""
$UnifiUser = "APIUSER"
$UnifiPassword = "APIPASSWORD"

#Settings IT-Glue logon information
If (Get-Module -ListAvailable -Name "ITGlueAPI") { 
    Import-module ITGlueAPI 
Else { 
    Install-Module ITGlueAPI -Force
    Import-Module ITGlueAPI
Add-ITGlueBaseURI -base_uri $ITGbaseURI
Add-ITGlueAPIKey $ITGkey
write-host "Checking if products exist in IT-Glue, and if not creating them."
$unifiAllModels = @"
[{"c":"BZ2","t":"uap","n":"UniFi AP"},{"c":"BZ2LR","t":"uap","n":"UniFi AP-LR"},{"c":"U2HSR","t":"uap","n":"UniFi AP-Outdoor+"},
{"c":"U2IW","t":"uap","n":"UniFi AP-In Wall"},{"c":"U2L48","t":"uap","n":"UniFi AP-LR"},{"c":"U2Lv2","t":"uap","n":"UniFi AP-LR v2"},
{"c":"U2M","t":"uap","n":"UniFi AP-Mini"},{"c":"U2O","t":"uap","n":"UniFi AP-Outdoor"},{"c":"U2S48","t":"uap","n":"UniFi AP"},
{"c":"U2Sv2","t":"uap","n":"UniFi AP v2"},{"c":"U5O","t":"uap","n":"UniFi AP-Outdoor 5G"},{"c":"U7E","t":"uap","n":"UniFi AP-AC"},
{"c":"U7EDU","t":"uap","n":"UniFi AP-AC-EDU"},{"c":"U7Ev2","t":"uap","n":"UniFi AP-AC v2"},{"c":"U7HD","t":"uap","n":"UniFi AP-HD"},
{"c":"U7SHD","t":"uap","n":"UniFi AP-SHD"},{"c":"U7NHD","t":"uap","n":"UniFi AP-nanoHD"},{"c":"UCXG","t":"uap","n":"UniFi AP-XG"},
{"c":"UXSDM","t":"uap","n":"UniFi AP-BaseStationXG"},{"c":"UCMSH","t":"uap","n":"UniFi AP-MeshXG"},{"c":"U7IW","t":"uap","n":"UniFi AP-AC-In Wall"},
{"c":"U7IWP","t":"uap","n":"UniFi AP-AC-In Wall Pro"},{"c":"U7MP","t":"uap","n":"UniFi AP-AC-Mesh-Pro"},{"c":"U7LR","t":"uap","n":"UniFi AP-AC-LR"},
{"c":"U7LT","t":"uap","n":"UniFi AP-AC-Lite"},{"c":"U7O","t":"uap","n":"UniFi AP-AC Outdoor"},{"c":"U7P","t":"uap","n":"UniFi AP-Pro"},
{"c":"U7MSH","t":"uap","n":"UniFi AP-AC-Mesh"},{"c":"U7PG2","t":"uap","n":"UniFi AP-AC-Pro"},{"c":"p2N","t":"uap","n":"PicoStation M2"},
{"c":"US8","t":"usw","n":"UniFi Switch 8"},{"c":"US8P60","t":"usw","n":"UniFi Switch 8 POE-60W"},{"c":"US8P150","t":"usw","n":"UniFi Switch 8 POE-150W"},
{"c":"S28150","t":"usw","n":"UniFi Switch 8 AT-150W"},{"c":"USC8","t":"usw","n":"UniFi Switch 8"},{"c":"US16P150","t":"usw","n":"UniFi Switch 16 POE-150W"},
{"c":"S216150","t":"usw","n":"UniFi Switch 16 AT-150W"},{"c":"US24","t":"usw","n":"UniFi Switch 24"},{"c":"US24P250","t":"usw","n":"UniFi Switch 24 POE-250W"},
{"c":"US24PL2","t":"usw","n":"UniFi Switch 24 L2 POE"},{"c":"US24P500","t":"usw","n":"UniFi Switch 24 POE-500W"},{"c":"S224250","t":"usw","n":"UniFi Switch 24 AT-250W"},
{"c":"S224500","t":"usw","n":"UniFi Switch 24 AT-500W"},{"c":"US48","t":"usw","n":"UniFi Switch 48"},{"c":"US48P500","t":"usw","n":"UniFi Switch 48 POE-500W"},
{"c":"US48PL2","t":"usw","n":"UniFi Switch 48 L2 POE"},{"c":"US48P750","t":"usw","n":"UniFi Switch 48 POE-750W"},{"c":"S248500","t":"usw","n":"UniFi Switch 48 AT-500W"},
{"c":"S248750","t":"usw","n":"UniFi Switch 48 AT-750W"},{"c":"US6XG150","t":"usw","n":"UniFi Switch 6XG POE-150W"},{"c":"USXG","t":"usw","n":"UniFi Switch 16XG"},
{"c":"UGW3","t":"ugw","n":"UniFi Security Gateway 3P"},{"c":"UGW4","t":"ugw","n":"UniFi Security Gateway 4P"},{"c":"UGWHD4","t":"ugw","n":"UniFi Security Gateway HD"},
{"c":"UGWXG","t":"ugw","n":"UniFi Security Gateway XG-8"},{"c":"UP4","t":"uph","n":"UniFi Phone-X"},{"c":"UP5","t":"uph","n":"UniFi Phone"},
{"c":"UP5t","t":"uph","n":"UniFi Phone-Pro"},{"c":"UP7","t":"uph","n":"UniFi Phone-Executive"},{"c":"UP5c","t":"uph","n":"UniFi Phone"},
{"c":"UP5tc","t":"uph","n":"UniFi Phone-Pro"},{"c":"UP7c","t":"uph","n":"UniFi Phone-Executive"}]
$configTypes = @"
[{"t":"uap","n":"Unifi AP"},{"t":"usw","n":"Unifi Switch"},{"t":"ugw","n":"Unifi Gateway"},{"t":"uph","n":"Unifi VOIP"}]
"@ | ConvertFrom-Json

$unifiAllModels = $unifiAllModels | ConvertFrom-Json
$unifiModels = $unifiAllModels | Sort-Object n -Unique
$ITGConfigTypes = (Get-ITGlueConfigurationTypes).data
write-host "Check Config Types and creating if required" -ForegroundColor Green
foreach ($ConfType in $configTypes) {
    if ($ConfType.n -notin $ {
        write-host "Creating $($Model.n)" -ForegroundColor Green
        New-ITGlueConfigurationTypes -data @{
            type       = 'configuration-types'
            attributes = @{
                name = $ConfType.n

$ExistingModels = (Get-ITGlueModels -page_size 1000).data
write-host "Checkings manufacture and creating if required" -ForegroundColor Green
$Manafacture = (Get-ITGlueManufacturers -filter_name "UniFi").data
if (!$Manafacture) {
    New-ITGlueManufacturers -data @{
        type       = 'manufacturers'
        attributes = @{
            name = 'uniFi-2'
    $Manafacture = (Get-ITGlueManufacturers -filter_name "UniFi").data
write-host "Grabbing active status"
$ConfigurationStatusId = (Get-ITGlueConfigurationStatuses -filter_name 'Active').data.ID | Select-Object -Last 1
write-host "Checkings models and creating if required" -ForegroundColor Green
foreach ($Model in $unifiAllModels) {
    if ($model.n -notin $ {
        write-host "Creating $($Model.n)" -ForegroundColor Green
        New-ITGlueModels -data @{
            type       = 'models'
            attributes = @{
                'manufacturer-id' = $
                name              = $model.n


write-host "Start configuration syncing process." -foregroundColor green

$UniFiCredentials = @{
    username = $UnifiUser
    password = $UnifiPassword
    remember = $true
} | ConvertTo-Json

write-host "Logging in to Unifi API." -ForegroundColor Green
try {
    Invoke-RestMethod -Uri "$UnifiBaseUri/login" -Method POST -Body $uniFiCredentials -SessionVariable websession
catch {
    write-host "Failed to log in on the Unifi API. Error was: $($_.Exception.Message)" -ForegroundColor Red
write-host "Collecting sites from Unifi API." -ForegroundColor Green
try {
    $sites = (Invoke-RestMethod -Uri "$UnifiBaseUri/self/sites" -WebSession $websession).data
catch {
    write-host "Failed to collect the sites. Error was: $($_.Exception.Message)" -ForegroundColor Red

foreach ($site in $sites) {
    $ITGlueOrgID = $site.desc.split('()')[1]
    if (!$ITGlueOrgID) {
        write-host "Could not get IT-Glue OrgID for site $($site.desc). Moving on to next site." -ForegroundColor Yellow
    else {
        write-host "Documenting $($site.desc), using ITGlue ID: $ITGlueOrgID" -ForegroundColor Green

    $unifiDevices = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri "$UnifiBaseUri/s/$($" -WebSession $websession
    foreach ($device in $ {
 ($ExistingConfiguration = Get-ITGlueConfigurations -organization_id $ITGlueOrgID -filter_serial_number $device.serial) | select-object -last 1
        $DeviceName = if (!$ { "Unifi Device $($device.serial)" } else { $ }
        $ModelName = ($unifiAllModels | Where-Object { $_.c -eq $device.model }).n
        $modelid = $ExistingModels | Where-Object { $ -eq $ModelName } | Select-Object -last 1
        $ConfigName = ($configtypes | Where-Object { $_.t -eq $device.type }).n
        $Configurationtypeid = ($ITGConfigTypes | Where-Object { $ -eq $Configname }).id
        $ConfigurationBody = @{
            type       = "configurations"
            attributes = @{
                "organization-id"         = $ITGlueOrgID
                "name"                    = $DeviceName
                "configuration-type-id"   = $Configurationtypeid
                "configuration-status-id" = $ConfigurationStatusId
                "manufacturer-id"         = $
                "model-id"                = $
                "primary-ip"              = $device.ip
                "serial-number"           = $device.serial
                "mac-address"             = $device.mac
        if (!$ExistingConfiguration) { 
            write-host "Creating new device" -ForegroundColor Green
            New-ITGlueConfigurations -organization_id $ITGlueOrgID -data $ConfigurationBody
        else {
            write-host "Editing previous existing device" -ForegroundColor Green
            Set-ITGlueConfigurations -id ($ | Select-Object -last 1) -data $ConfigurationBody



And that’s it! this blog will be followed up by another documentation blog pretty quick, so its shorter than normal. As always, Happy PowerShelling.

6 thoughts on “Documenting with PowerShell: Syncing Unifi devices to IT-Glue

  1. Gabriel

    Hi Kelvin,

    Love your blog posts, they’ve been very informative.

    Having a bit of an issue with this one though, I’m getting this error for sites that are linked back to IT Glue from your previous post.

    Editing previous existing device
    Set-ITGlueConfigurations : {“errors”:[{“status”:404,”title”:”Not found”,”detail”:”Record not found”,”source”:{“pointer”:”id”}}]}
    At C:\Users\%user%\Work\Scripts\unificonfigsync.ps1:152 char:13
    + Set-ITGlueConfigurations -id ($ …
    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:) [Write-Error], WriteErrorException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.WriteErrorException,Set-ITGlueConfigurations

    I’ve confirmed the manufacturer and model entries have been added properly.

    Thanks for any help you can provide!

  2. Garrett

    Hello, I’ve found great use in a lot of your scripts and you run a great blog! I’m running into the below error.. Any suggestions on what may be happening?

    Creating UniFi AP
    New-ITGlueModels : {“errors”:[{“status”:422,”title”:”Valid manufacturer_id is required”,”source”:{“pointer”:”data/attributes/manufacturer_id”}}]}
    At line:82 char:9
    + New-ITGlueModels -data @{
    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:) [Write-Error], WriteErrorException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.WriteErrorException,New-ITGlueModels

  3. Chris Fonte

    Though the Models are getting created properly, I am still getting this error:

    Set-ITGlueConfigurations : {“errors”:[{“status”:404,”title”:”Not
    found”,”detail”:”Record not found”,”source”:{“pointer”:”id”}}]}
    At line:156 char:13
    + Set-ITGlueConfigurations -id ($ …
    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:) [Write-Error], WriteErrorException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.WriteErrorException,Set

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks again for your scripts!

    1. Kelvin Tegelaar Post author

      Seems like you also have some duplicate devices, the oneliner I added should take care of that though. If they are getting created correctly it might just be a bug.


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