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PowerShell Blogger

I blog about PowerShell automation, most oriented at Managed Service Providers. I hope to help MSPs achieve a higher level of automation.


Presenter and speaker

I speak at events such as Dattocon, Solarwinds Empower MSP, and webinars like my own PowerShell for beginners series.


Technology Management

I’m the Chief Technology Officer at Lime Networks, where I manage the strategic operations of our MSP.

Community Member

I’m a community member, and administrator for many MSP oriented communities such as reddit, MSP’r’Us, and MSP Geek

Where to find me

Fun Facts about me

2.3 million Module downloads

150+ Articles Published

20.000 Cups Of Coffee drank

6 Industry Awards Won


Current Collaborations

You can find past events in this timeline, or see which vendors I am currently having an active collaboration with.


I currently work together with Datto to bring my blogs to their RMM automation product, I also speak at Dattocon events.


I currently work together with Ninja to bring my blogs to their RMM automation product, and assist them in product development for PowerShell. I also frequent the NinjaRMM webinars both as speaker and listener.

Syncro RMM

I currently work together with Syncro to bring my blogs to their RMM automation product.

Solarwinds MSP / N-Able

I’ve worked together with Solarwinds to give webinars about automation and business masterclasses.


I’ve worked together with Kaseya teams to give webinars generic automation needs and requirements

Online Event History

These are the last 5 online events I’ve presented at.


CyberDrain CTF Part II

The second CyberDrainCTF, now with 1000 active players!


IT-Glue – Automating Documentation

a one time webinar for IT-Glue clients explaining the need for automation documentation.


Adapt IT – NinjaRMM webinar

A webinar organized by NinjaRMM, where I’ve given two sessions; one about security in your MSP, and the other about modern management.


Closed webinar – Kaseya Automation

a one time webinar for Kaseya clients about Automation and PowerShell


CyberDrain CTF


A CTF dedicated to system administrators and MSP engineers.

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My blog and content can be sponsored via Github sponsorships. At specific sponsorship levels you’ll gain an honorable mention on this page too.

I love working with Azure, M365, and PowerShell in general. I also really enjoy helping people. If you sponsor my github account you’ll cover the expenses I make to make all of this possible, such as the hosting of my blog, but also things like my Azure Functions for warranty or application proxies which the scripts use.

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The sponsorship will also allow me to keep putting free time into the CyberDrain CTF. The only CTF that is dedicated to System Administration and engineering, a project of which I am super proud, but takes a lot of work to maintain. 🙂

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