Mini-blog: Wait for VM to come online, then execute Powershell direct

During my labbing I’ve noticed I often need to wait for the VM to get online before executing some script or commands, to do that I use the following script: First we get the VM Name, and enter the credentials for that specific VM: $VMName = read-host "Please enter the VM-Name" $VM = get-vm $VMName […]

App-V screenshot

Using App-v to deploy Office 2016 on RDS servers

Hi All! At my current employeer we have a lot of clients that use RDS servers, in the SMB often you see that applications are installed directly on the RDS server. That means that if you have a Highly Available solution there often is a difference between applications installed. To prevent this we use Microsoft’s […]

Free online powershell training

Hi all! After a couple of weeks of silence I have some great news; I will be giving free online powershell courses for beginners and intermediates. Hopefully I’ll be able to assist some of you in questions you have about your own scripts, or scripts you’ve used from my blog. The first course will be […]