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Documenting with PowerShell: Documenting the O365 portal

A couple of years ago Eliot at GCITS wrote a great script to update the Office365 portal’s within IT-Glue. This script synced a lot of user information to IT-Glue and kept everything up to date if ran by a function.

I loved this script and have been using it pretty much since it’s inception. Some users recently contacted me and asked how to run this script with the Secure Application Model. Also there were some complaints that the script ran pretty slow. I didn’t really like directly modifying the script so I’ve decided to make a rewrite.

My version uses the Graph API to collect data. We also grab some more information such as mailboxes sizes, and the current multi-factor authentication state for the user.

As always, I’ve made two versions, one for IT-Glue, and one plain HTML version. A small difference in here is that I’ve decided to use the PSWriteHTML module. This is a great PowerShell module by Przemysław Kłys at Evotec that makes generating pretty html files a whole lot easier.

So lets get to scripting! AS always, you’ll need the Secure Application Model to connect to O365.

HTML version

This version connects to all tenants, creates a nice looking HTML page, and writes these to C:\Temp\. The report will look like the screenshot below.


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