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Monitoring and Documenting with PowerShell: End of year review

Hi! So this is the final post of this year. I’m going to be enjoying some well deserved holidays and spend Christmas with my family. The past year has been pretty cool. I’ve been doing so many cool projects.

I figured I also would list the top blogs of this year by views, and just generally some stuff I’m proud of, so lets get started:

Top blogs

The most viewed blog this year is my **Functional PowerShell **for MSPs webinar, which is pretty amazing because it was only posted 3 months ago. I still see the views racking up on the Teams Live Event recording and I am going to be giving another (albeit slightly shorter one) the 16th of december.

The runner up in this is the start of the Documenting with PowerShell series. That entire series seems to have been a favorite for most people. The third place is going to the unofficial IT-Glue backup script.

My personal favorite has to be a recent blog; either the Secure Application Model blog or the OneDrive monitoring script which uses user impersonation.

Documenting with PowerShell series

The documenting with PowerShell series has been a hit. I’ve taken a small break from it to reorganise and make it a little more “Eye-candy” focussed as this was the primary question I’ve been getting. I love how some of you have adapted the scripts. Most of them were made as an example so it’s cool to see all different variations of it. I will be continuing this series at the start of next year. If you have any wishes, let me know!

Monitoring with PowerShell series

The monitoring with PowerShell series is still my baby, I love doing it and showing all the different methods of using PowerShell over SNMP, or PowerShell over generic WMI monitoring. Next year I hope to still be posting at least 1 blog a week. I’ve recently been mailed some question that I will be picking up next year too.

Special thanks

This year was great! I especially want to thank my peers in MSP’r’Us that always help me find new ideas. I also want to thank Datto for the way we have been collaborating and adding my blogs and script to their product. It’s been a great adventure.

And that’s it! I wish all my readers an amazing Christmas, and of course a happy new year. As always, Happy PowerShelling!

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