Monitoring with PowerShell: Monitoring Active Directory Health

Some time ago I wrote a blog about monitoring Active Directory replication. A couple of days ago a friend in Slack asked me if I have anything for monitoring the entire general health of a domain controller, and not just replication.

So I researched some options, I found this blog by Adam, which was 90% of what I needed. I just wanted a script that was slightly more complete – Not just the health is important but also specific settings are.

For example; we want the replication time to be under 30 minutes, we want the recycle bin to always be active, and password complexity should be enabled everywhere. To monitor all of this, I’ve built the script below.

The Script

$DiagInfo = dcdiag
$DCDiagResult = $Diaginfo | select-string -pattern '\. (.*) \b(passed|failed)\b test (.*)' | foreach {
    $obj = @{
        TestName   = $_.Matches.Groups[3].Value
        TestResult = $_.Matches.Groups[2].Value
        Entity     = $_.Matches.Groups[1].Value

$DCDiagStatus = foreach ($FailedResult in $DCDiagResult | Where-Object { $_.Testresult -ne "passed" }) {
    "DC diag test not succesfull on entity $($FailedResult.entity) - $($FailedResult.testname)"
if(!$DCDiagStatus){ $DCDiagStatus = "Healthy. No DCDiag Tests failed" }

$ReplicationSchedule = Get-ADReplicationSiteLink -filter *
$ReplicationSchedStatus = foreach ($Replication in $ReplicationSchedule) {
    if ($replication.ReplicationFrequencyInMinutes -gt 30) { "Potentional replication schedulde issue. $($ has a replication schedulde of $($replication.ReplicationFrequencyInMinutes)" }
if (!$ReplicationSchedStatus) { $ReplicationSchedStatus = "Healthy - Replication Schedulde for all sites is lower than 30 minutes" }

$PasswordPolcy = Get-ADDefaultDomainPasswordPolicy
if ($PasswordPolcy.complexityEnabled -ne $true) { $PasswordComplexityHealthy = "Unhealthy - Password Complexity is disabled" }else {
    $PasswordComplexityHealthy = "Healthy - Password Complxity is enabled" 

$ADRecycler = Get-ADOptionalFeature -Filter 'name -like "Recycle Bin Feature"'
if (!$ADRecycler.enabledscopes) { $ADRecyclerHealth = "Unhealthy. AD Recycle Bin Feature is disabled" } else { $ADRecyclerHealth = "Healthy - Recycle bin is enabled." }


So load this up in your RMM, check the values of the bottom 4 variables and done. 🙂 Active Directory Monitoring made easy.

As always, Happy PowerShelling!


  1. Olivier June 15, 2020 at 1:57 pm

    Hi Kelvin,
    Useful post, only one remark (no offense).
    Some improvments :
    Currently I’ve customers with OS running in different culture. Your regex pattern doesn’t work in this case (i.e fr-FR culture or de-DE culture).
    It’s possible to have a $pattern variable depending of the culture using a Switch. This $pattern var will be use in the $DCDIagResult commanddline.
    In the same way, the $DCDiagStatus = foreach ($FailedResult in $DCDiagResult | Where-Object { $_.Testresult -ne “passed” }) line doesn’t work too.
    for the rest of the code, it’s OK, it uses posh cmdlet and not DOS Command, and this is not dependant of the local culture. Powershell powaaa 🙂
    “Message displayed” ? I don’t care about the language. It seems that i can read english 🙂


    1. Kelvin Tegelaar June 15, 2020 at 2:02 pm

      Hi Oliver,

      Thanks! I don’t really account for locales normally, I just assume everything is english! haha. Thanks for the tip though, I’m sure others will benefit from it.

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