Documenting with PowerShell: Remote Access Methods

At our MSP we have a plethora of methods to connect to a specific device, for a server we might have iDrac configured, for a VM we’ll have our RMM and remote control tooling, and it gets annoying from time to time to make sure all of these are documented. We do feel documenting these remote access methods are key – If an engineer that knows nothing about the environment needs to connect for the first time we want the info to be present.

So I’ve decided to automatically document all remote access methods we can find on a server; even if those methods aren’t in use at our MSP. We run a analysis on the currently installed software and if it is installed, we try to document the remote access configuration for that specific device. Currently the script supports the following Remote Access Methods;

  • Screenconnect / Control
  • TakeControl
  • Teamviewer
  • Remote Desktop
  • Dell iDRAC
  • Hyper-v

So you’ll notice some of these methods are really not to be used anymore if you want a secure environment, such as Teamviewer, and Remote Desktop, we’ll make sure to document them in any case so we can make sure someone removes these methods asap. You could also use the script to alert on them. The script also picks up if the machine is a Hyper-V VM and what host it’s running on just so you can find that easily in the remote access overview.

As always, we have two versions; one HTML version and one IT-Glue version.

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