Tech in 5 minutes: Azure Functions

Tech in 5 minutes is a new video series to help managed services providers, or technology specialists get small digestible bites about new technologies, complex scripts, and solutions you could be implementing in your MSP today. I’m fairly anti-tool culture where MSPs get a different tool for each minor inconvenience and focus just on that tool, so I’ll be focussed on modern technologies in the Microsoft stack, but also will cover other external tools if they make a big enough difference.

In just about 5 minutes I’ll try to explain what you can use the technology for, and even include the most basic setup to get it running. I hope you’ll enjoy the video content. This episode is about deploying Azure Functions and how to use automation to execute scripts.

Do you have any other technology or script you want me to cover? Let me know! 🙂


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  2. Andrew HUSSEY June 11, 2021 at 12:30 pm

    Hello Kelvin

    I’m really enjoying your posts, mainly as they address exactly all the issues and extra functionality we are looking for as an MSP.

    I’ve followed through this on my Azure account on it works great.

    However, when I open it in VSCode I can see everything but the “Files” appear as “Read Only” so I can’t edit. I can’t for life of my after much looking round and Googling see what I need to change and wondered if you could give me any pointers please?



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