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The start of CyberDrain CTF is today!

Today is the start of the CyberDrain CTF! At 13:00 CET I’ll be launching the capture the flag challenges. Most of you have messaged me wondering what to expect and had several questions about how I’m going to be judging and assisting everyone, today I’ll be able to clear some of this stuff up;

The Capture the flag event is a jeopardy style event with 40 challenges. These challenges has 6 categories:

  • M365 Management
  • Azure Management
  • Workstation Management
  • Server Management
  • Linux Management
  • Miscellaneous

In each of these categories there are questions ranging from the beginner level to advanced complex questions, you’ll be able to solve these challenges by clicking on the name and carefully reading the descriptions. You’ll have to imagine that these are actual tickets that landed on your plate at your MSP.

Some challenges require you to fill in the right text, others might require you to create a screenshot of specific settings and upload these.

Challenges that require uploads are manually verified everyday at 19:00, but your time of submission will count for the score. As an added bonus I’ll be talking about some of the challenges on my Twitter and will try to stream one or two more complex challenges.

I’m also going to add a give-away personally; I still have a Blue Yeti Blackout microphone I’ve used only once. If you are on social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram, use the #CyberDrainCTF hashtag to enter the lottery for the Blue Yeti Blackout Microphone, include a cool action shot for extra brownie points ;).

I hope you all have fun and get to learn new things during the Capture the flag, and if you could not join this time I’m hoping to see you at the next one!

As always, Happy PowerShelling(or CTFing!)

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