Automating with PowerShell: Adding domains to IT-Glue programmatically.

So ITGlue is a great application and has a lot of API’s available. Unfortunately there is no API to add domains or SSL certificates to IT-Glue. Seeing as I have a couple of sources where domains and SSL certificates come from I’d still like to add them programmatically.

To do this, I’ve created the small function below. It uses the Chrome cookies to login to the ITGlue webpage instead and commit a new domain. It’s quite hacky but works wonders when you need to grab data from a lot of different systems and smush them together in IT-Glue.

You could make some modifications to do this for other non-API available endpoints such as Documents, or SSL certificates.

    Creates ITG domains using the current ITG cookie
    A method to create ITGlue domains by abusing the cooking and commiting the normal form workflow. This is due to no Domain API is currently available. The function expects you to be logged into ITGlue using Chrome as your browser.
    PS C:\> New-ITGDomain -OrgID 12345 -DomainName '' -ITGURL ''
    Creates a new ITGlue domain in organisation 12345 for the ITglue Please note to *not* use the API URL in this case.
    OrgID = Organisation ID in IT-Glue
    DomainName = Domain name you wish to add.
    ITGURL = The normal access URL to your IT-Glue instance.
   No notes
function New-ITGDomain {
    param (
    $ChromeCookieviewPath = "$($ENV:TEMP)/"
    if (!(Test-Path $ChromeCookieviewPath)) {
        write-host "Downloading ChromeCookieView" -ForegroundColor Green
        Invoke-WebRequest '' -UseBasicParsing -OutFile $ChromeCookieviewPath
        Expand-Archive -path $ChromeCookieviewPath -DestinationPath  "$($ENV:TEMP)" -Force
    Start-Process -FilePath "$($ENV:TEMP)/Chromecookiesview.exe" -ArgumentList "/scomma $($ENV:TEMP)/chromecookies.csv"
    start-sleep 1
    $Cookies = import-csv "$($ENV:TEMP)/chromecookies.csv"
    write-host "Grabbing Chrome Cookies" -ForegroundColor Green
    $hosts = $cookies | Where-Object { $_.'host name' -like '*ITGlue*' }

    write-host "Found cookies. Trying to create request" -ForegroundColor Green
    write-host "Grabbing ITGlue session" -ForegroundColor Green
    $null = Invoke-RestMethod -uri "https://$($ITGURL)/$($orgid)/domains/new" -Method GET -SessionVariable WebSessionITG
    foreach ($CookieFile in $hosts) {
        $cookie = New-Object System.Net.Cookie     
        $cookie.Name = $cookiefile.Name
        $cookie.Value = $cookiefile.Value
        $cookie.Domain = $cookiefile.'Host Name'
    write-host "Grabbing ITGlue unique token" -ForegroundColor Green
    $AuthToken = (Invoke-RestMethod -uri "https://$($ITGURL)/$($orgid)/domains/new" -Method GET -WebSession $WebSessionITG) -match '.*csrf-token"'
    $Token = $matches.0 -split '"' | Select-Object -Index 1
    write-host "Creating domain" -ForegroundColor Green
    $Result = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri "https://$($ITGURL)/$($orgid)/domains?submit=1" -Method "POST" -ContentType "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"   -Body "utf8=%E2%9C%93&authenticity_token=$($Token)&domain%5Bname%5D=$($DomainName)&domain%5Bnotes%5D=&domain%5Baccessible_option%5D=all&domain%5Bresource_access_group_ids%5D%5B%5D=&domain%5Bresource_access_accounts_user_ids%5D%5B%5D=&commit=Save" -WebSession $WebSessionITG
    if ($Result -like "*Domain has been created successfully.*") {
        write-host "Succesfully created domain $DomainName for $OrgID" -ForegroundColor Green
    else {
        write-host "Failed to create $DomainName for $orgid" -ForegroundColor Red

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