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Automating with PowerShell: Deploying Azure Functions

First I have to make a little comment about the previous weekend; namely I’ve been awarded the Microsoft MVP status last Thursday. It’s still a surreal and bizarre experience really. I’d like to thank all my readers and my friends for supporting me. It’s great to get the acknowledgement that I’m doing the right thing for our community. So again, thanks. 🙂

Let’s get to scripting now! The biggest complaint I’ve had with my more complex stuff is that at times it’s pretty hard to implement. There are a lot of dependencies and the interfaces changes from time to time. So with the help from some super useful blogs I was able to find a way to ease implementation for a lot of my Azure Functions.

So, following are single click deployment buttons for some of my Azure Functions. I’ve also included two examples for generic functions. You can change these examples to run something on a schedule in Azure or to run something based on visiting the HTTPS page.


AzGlue is an API proxy for IT-Glue, Azglue was made to work around the rate-limiting and security concerns. The original blog can be found here. This script has 2 version; ‘lite’ is the version that is currently on the blog, with some minor improvements. Master is the version updated by AngusWarren which focuses on security even more.

The lite version is for IT-Glue users that want to dip their toe into making the API more secure and are worried about rate limits, it was also made available by popular request as a lot of people tend to change this version into something more suitable to their organization.

The Master version is more complex and for people that really need to limit API access and control this.

The Azure Calculation for this can be found here. The cost is around 4€ per month with 5 million API executions.


AzDynDNS is a replacement for the EOL managed DNS that Oracle used to have. This function gives you a compatible DynDNS updater for only about €2,- a month. The original blog can be found here. You’ll only need to point your NS records to Azure.

The cool thing about this one is that you can update it from any client, be it a router, PowerShell, etc, I also really like the single API key approach. 🙂

The Azure Calculation for this can be found here. The cost is around 2€ per month with 2 million DNS queries.


So AzAutoMapper is my baby, quite popular with our team as it allows you to automatically map Microsoft Teams in the OneDrive client, without that annoying wait that exists with the registry/intune method. This is instant and thus fantastic during migrations. You’ll need the Secure Application Model configured, the original blog is here.

The Azure Calculation for this can be found here. The cost is around 1€ per month

Timer & HTTP Function

So this one is a example of how you can run script on a timer. This one only has the “main” branch as its for testing purposes. 🙂 This script runs every hour, or via a HTTPs call.

To replace the example script pulled from Github with one of your own, perform the following steps:

  • Go to the Azure Portal
  • Click the function name
  • Click on Deployment Center
  • Click on “Disconnect”
  • You can now edit the script via the Functions button -> HTTPTrigger or TimerTrigger -> Code & Test

And that’s it! As always, Happy PowerShelling!

Edit: One of my good friends suggested I’d also add a little estimated cost thingy, each blog now has a estimated cost via Azure Calculator 🙂 You can use that fairly easily to estimate the cost of your Azure Functions.

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