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Automating with PowerShell: Warranty lookups

A while back I’ve made a PowerShell module called PsWarranty that allows you to look up the warranty for all major vendors. I’ve integrated this module with many different RMM systems, documentation platforms, and PSAs. Lately, I’ve been getting some more questions about this module in regards to automatically updating the warranty information. Most people like reporting from their own tooling and rather just update the systems.

There’s loads of ways to tackle this, but my prefered method of running scheduled scripts is Azure Functions. Now Azure functions currently only have a maximum runtime of 10 minutes in the consumption model. To make sure that the job continues I’ve added a stop-resume logic to the PowerShell module, that way it automatically picks up where it left off when the script is stopped.

I also understand there’s no reason to update all warranty information every hour of course, so I also added logic that if the warranty for all devices in the first run have been updated, the script won’t run for another 7 days. That means that every week the Azure Function will perform a warranty update for all devices in your chosen system. Just to make life easy and keep costs down. We’ve been running this function for somewhere around a year now, and are paying 40 cents a month.


As this was all built with my own systems and procedures in mind, I’ve created a couple of ways for others to deploy this as well. I made some quick and dirty code that you can chose to copy and paste to your own Azure Functions here.

I’ve also made some simple “Deploy to Azure” buttons for the most used applications. Clicking these will create the function app, enter the right credentials for your applications and off you go. You can find these deployment templates here. If there’s any other applications you’d like to see integrated, feel free to send me a Pull Request at this repository

Datto RMM

When you click the buttons, you’ll be asked for your credentials which will be stored inside the application. The Function App will them use my PowerShell module to sync the warranty with the selected system and overwrite it with the latest currently found warranty. If you feel like you could help improve on these projects, feel free. I’ve mostly made them to show how it could be done. As always there are not guarantees or rights you have when deploying these apps and you should have the knowledge to maintain these yourself.

As always, Happy PowerShelling.

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