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Blog Series: Monitoring with PowerShell Chapter 2

Hi All,

As the last series of blogs was so well received I’ve decided to continue the trend and make some new blogs about monitoring using PowerShell. I’ll be showing some examples on how monitoring could work in your RMM-suite and will include examples for major RMM suppliers such as Solarwinds.
I hope you’ll enjoy the new series of Monitoring with PowerShell, in the start of Chapter 2 we will be focusing on leveraging PowerShell to monitor external hardware such as Compellent SANs, the status of known exploits such as now famous Meltdown/SPECTRE, and SSL certificates, near the end of this series we will be shifting the focus from monitoring to automated remediation when an issue is found.

I hope you will enjoy the next series of blogs and if you have any questions feel free to drop a comment below.

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